The Power of Mentors

If you know me, you'll often hear me say something like "I am extremely fortunate to be where I am today" or something along those lines.

For me, its been a combination of Luck + Opportunity + Mentors.

If I had to rank the importance of each, mentors and opportunity are interchangeable as #1 & #2 and have both served me differently at different stages in my career. Then there is luck, which in my opinion is created by discipline + hard work.

Lets talk about mentors. Mentors are the equivalent to dragon's gold. They are highly treasured and a resource that should not be over used.

Your mentor should truly want the best for you without any personal gain. These wonderful people see and value your raw potential. In my experience its best to have many different types of mentors. Those that can speak very highly about one specific topic, they keep you grounded, and challenge you.

Finding quality mentors is often tough and cultivating a relationship is something that requires delicacy but reach out to leaders and peers in your network. If you don't have a network start on linkedin, don't spam people thats not cool!