Divine Keetle-Maloney

I am a computer scientist and I work at Apple.

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I earned my PhD in Human-Centered Computing at Clemson University in 2021 where I was advised by the wonderful team of Dr. Andrew Robb and Dr. Guo Freeman.

During my time at Clemson, I became a world expert in the areas of social VR (e.g., metaverse) and youth in VR. I am proud to say that my work has influenced millions of users and platforms including but not limited to Meta (formerly Facebook) Horizon Worlds, Microsoft's AltspaceVR, RecRoom, and other social VR platforms. You can read more about my work [here].

My dissertation titled: "A Youthful Metaverse: Towards Designing Safe, Equitable, and Emotionally Fulfilling Social Virtual Reality Spaces for Younger Users", was one of the first dissertations to investigate youth in the emerging metaverse and youths use of immersive technology [X].

Outside of my dissertation and PhD work, I was fortunate enough to be a PhD intern at Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook Reality Labs), and Microsoft Research. As well as some invaluable foundational experiences at MIT/Harvard, UCF, Vanderbilt, and my own startup Br8krm.

Prior to Clemson, I graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South, a liberal arts university in Tennessee where I majored in Computer Science and Spanish.

Resources for Students

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I am passionate about working on projects encompassing social good