We all need Champions

Champions come in many forms, these can be coaches, teachers, siblings etc, my earliest champion is my mother. 

These are the people that support, empower, and *champion* your successes and help you rebound on failures. Everyone needs them. They are especially helpful in moments of doubt and uncertainty. Champions are invaluable to your growth. 

They don’t say yes to everything and usually offer high level & critical feedback. They aren’t free-loaders, and to quote Drake, they were shooting with you in the gym...whatever your gym that may be. 

Champions have a genuine interest in your success without any self-interest. This is extremely important.

Find yourself a champion or better a group of champions. Each with a different vested interest in your success whether it be career, personal growth, relationships growth etc. 

Also, it goes without saying, if you don’t have champions, be your own champion.

Do more things that scare you, because these are the things that make you feel the most alive.