I am no longer on the job market :-) i'll make the official announcement in the coming weeks.

Hi my name is Divine! (he/him) I am finishing up my PhD in the Human Centered Computing program at Clemson University. I recently successfully defended my dissertation.

My PhD dissertation is titled:

"A Youthful Metaverse: Towards Designing Safe, Equitable, and Emotionally Fulfilling Social Virtual Reality Spaces for Younger Users"

It is one of the first dissertations on the modern metaverse and the very first on Youth in Social VR. Read a blip about it [here]

To solve problems I use a human-centered approach to investigate computer-mediated experiences and social dynamics of collaborative systems. I specialize in the area of 3D social spaces and social virtual reality (VR) aka the metaverse, and aim to design & create more collaborative, equitable, inclusive and fulfilling computer systems and platforms. My current projects relating to social VR relate to: children's experiences, non-verbal communication, privacy & self disclosure, meaningful activities, self-presentation, harassment, and exploring marginalized communities.

At Clemson, I am a member of the virtual environments group and CUGAME lab where I am advised by Dr. Guo Freeman and Dr. Andrew Robb. My doctoral research currently focuses primarily on exploring the experiences, perceptions and interpersonal communication in social virtual reality (VR). In my dissertation I focus on understanding younger users (children/teens) and I aim to create socially equitable spaces for younger users in social VR [recent work 1 & 2].

I am supported by Microsoft's Ada Lovelace Fellowship, me and my cohort are extremely fortunate and beyond proud to be the inaugural class of this fellowship.

Current Projects: Social VR

Teenagers in Social VR

How did COVID-19 impact teenagers in social VR? Read more [project page]

Ethics in Social VR Research

What are the Ethical Considerations of Social VR for a researcher? Read more [project page]

Exploring Children's experiences in social VR

Children understand social VR different from adults. To adults it is an extension of the offline world, to children its more of an immersive and visceral experience. Read more [project page]

Understanding Meaningful Activities in social VR

Did you know that people enter into social VR to sleep? Yep! sleep...one of the main findings in this work. Read more [project page]

Privacy & Self Disclosure in social VR

Curious about how people feel about disclosing personal and emotional information in social VR? Read more [project page]

Recent News

  • Successfully defended my PhD! read about it [here]
  • 2 Papers accepted to CHI 2022!! congrats to my wonderful co-authors!!!
  • 1 paper to CSCW :-)
  • Just started working as an ethicist @Meta formerly Facebook Reality Labs
  • I just finished up working on Intelligent AI at Microsoft (internship)
  • Just finished up a super successful internship at Facebook Reality Labs read about it here
  • Awarded IGDA Foundation and Grant !
  • One paper on Teens in Social VR accepted at IDC 2021
  • Ethics VR paper accepted to IEEEVR 2021
  • I'm helping organize CHIMe, register its free!
  • Check out a piece I wrote to Student Privacy Compass
  • I'll be interning at Facebook Reality Labs during the spring of 2021
  • I passed my PhD proposal defense...ABD!
  • One paper to VRST 2020 Accepted
  • Two papers accepted to CSCW 2020
  • Two papers accepted to CHI-Play 2020
  • What CS departments can do to support diversity, equity, and inclusion [link]
  • Two Short Paper Accepted to CHI2020 and IEEEVR2020
  • Proposal Presentation Materials here
  • Ada Lovelace Fellowship Materials here

I am passionate about working on projects encompassing social good