The Ultimate Teammate

I played sports competitively all my life, from pre-k to college ball.

I relish competition, I hate losing, and most importantly I love the process aka "the game".

One of my favorite sports is Volleyball but in high school I lettered in Football, Track & Field, and Weightlifting. I went on to play college football and became an NCAA football captain. I'm proud of that, not being a captain but having the trust from my teammates to lead. I will admit, our team that year had a losing record but we won in other ways off the field.

In all the sports I've played my teammates were critical to my growth and success on and off the field.

As I enter into new environments (e.g., companies, institutions), I usually aim to find two types of teammates when joining an org: a senior person with tons of respect from others and a more junior person. These two people will help you get set up well to be an ultimate teammate based on their perspective.

Being ultimate teammate means a few things:

1) kicking ass in your role. I can't stress this enough, you joined the team for a reason, its important to perform to your best ability. Don't create distractions for other teammates because you cannot perform.

2) be critical of what could be improved. The best teammates say one of two things "what everyone is thinking but afraid to say" or "say what everyone is missing". In these times its important to use your unique perspective to contribute.

3) go above and beyond. I am a fan of work life balance but I also enjoy working :-D, I love that feeling when I can help a teammate out at the last minute with a play, formation, presentation, etc. In these moments you build trust and demonstrate your value outside of your core role.

4) have influence. will the impact you have remain after you are gone? This is so important. You want help create ideologies and ways of thinking/working that live on past you.

Be the ultimate teammate.