Celebrate the Journey

Today, I am officially a PhD, a doctor, someone society calls "smart", "intelligent", and "of high intellect." Wanna know a secret? thats all bs, I have met some idiots with PhDs and MDs, like literal idiots. Having an advanced degree means you know a lot about a very specific subject, that doesn't make you smart, it makes you extremely fortunate.

In my case, I know a lot about AR, VR, Youth, Technology, and Ethics.

After my PhD committee told me I passed, it felt good but tbh it felt expected and it wasn't as "sweet" as I thought it would be. I actually was more excited that my granny would be there to see me get my doctoral hood.

This made me realize the little victories are even more important and that they should be treasured, celebrated, and documented. So go celebrate where you are now, the hurdles you've overcame in the last few weeks, months, and year because its worth celebrating.